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Cambridge non-Etched Glassware for sale

This page contains Cambridge glass that was produced without etching. It includes the "nude" or "Statuesque" stemware items, Caprice, Mount Vernon, and a number of other non-etched patterns. It also lists pieces in Cambridge opaque colors, including Cambridge's unique "Crown Tuscan" color.

We only list part of our inventory, when we have the time to update these pages, and when we can photograph the pieces. We try to have a picture of every piece that we list, but of course, that takes a lot of time. Write or call if you don't find what you want, as we may have it anyway, and just not gotten it listed here. If you wish to view a picture, click on the underlined description.

Pattern Color Description Price Note
Cambridge 3011 STATUESQUE ("Nude") items
3011 stemware Cambridge introduced the 3011 "Statuesque" line in 1931, in nine sizes of stemware, plus a number of other decorative items. Some sizes were discontinued after a run of a few years, but production of the line continued until the close of the factory in 1958, and a limited run of the cocktail size was produced by Imperial after it acquired the assets of Cambridge. The initial release featured a cordial along with the brandy, but in later years, Cambridge dropped the original cordial and marketed the brandy as a "cordial."

The nude itself was made in three sizes: 4½", 5" and 6". The largest size was used only on the banquet goblet in the stemware line, but it was used in a number of the "miscellaneous" pieces including candlesticks, bud vase, ivy ball, etc. Here is a photo of four sizes of the stemware for comparison (wine, cocktail, claret and champagne), while here is another photo which compares the table goblet, banquet goblet, claret and wine side-by-side.
For comprehensive information about Cambridge "Nudes," we suggest that you visit: Dave Small's Tutorial on the subject. Here you will find information on drinkware sizes as well as other specialty items made with the "nude" stem. There are many high quality photographs showing each of the many pieces in this artistic product line.
3011 Brandies / Cordials
#3011 Amber/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Amber Brandy with crystal nude $155  
#3011 Mocha/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Mocha Brandy with crystal nude $165  
#3011 Green/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Green Brandy with crystal nude $155  
#3011 Amethyst/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Amethyst Brandy with crystal nude $155  
#3011 Yellow/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Yellow Brandy with crystal nude $165  
3011 Cocktails
#3011 Crystal/Amber Cambridge by Imperial #3011 crystal cocktail with amber nude $165  
#3011 Amethyst/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Amethyst Cocktail with crystal nude stem $85  
#3011 Amber/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Amber Cocktail with crystal nude stem $85  
#3011 Pistachio/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Pistachio Cocktail with crystal nude stem $165  
#3011 Green/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Green Cocktail with crystal nude stem $85  
#3011 Yellow/Crystal Cambridge #3011 Yellow cocktail with crystal nude stem $85  
#3011 Crystal Cambridge #3011 Crystal cocktail with optic bowl $125  
3011 Clarets
#3011 Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 crystal Claret (no optic) $185  
#3011 Amethyst/Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 Amethyst Claret (no optic) $185  
#3011 Red/Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 Carmen (red) Claret (no optic) $215  
3011 Champagnes
#3011 Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 Crystal Champagne $125  
3011 Table and Banquet Goblets
#3011 Red/Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 Carmen (red) Table Goblet $210  
#3011 Royal Blue/Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 Royal Blue Table Goblet $210  
#3011 Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 Crystal Table Goblet with optic $185  
3011 Other Sizes of Stemware
#3011 Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 crystal Wine $145  
3011 Miscellaneous Items
#3011 Crown TuscanCambridge Crown Tuscan Nude Candlestick (pair) $450 
#3011 Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 Comport - Etched DIANE $595  
#3011 Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 crystal Ivy Ball $225  
#3011 Crystal Cambridge Statuesque #3011 crystal Cigarette Box (tall nude) $395  
Cambridge Miscellaneous Items
119 Black Cambridge black #119 basket - 11½ in. $95  
#1261 Amber Footed French Dressing Bottle w/ glass Stopper $95  
1297 Amber Amber #1297 Footed Vase - 13" $250  
#1337 Amber/Crystal Cambridge Amber #1337 Cigarette Holder w/ashtray foot $45  
1066 Carmen Cambridge Carmen #1066 Ivy Ball $90  
1066 Crystal/Black Cambridge #1066 Crystal/Black Ivy Ball $75 SOLD
1236 Royal Blue Cambridge Royal Blue Keyhole #1236 Ivy Ball $135  
  Windsor Blue Cambridge Windsor Blue Snail Vase $270  
  Carmen Cambridge Carmen(red) 3400 Vase $125  
Cambridge SWANS
#1040 Swan Black Black type I Swan - 3" $75  
#1041 Swan Crystal Crystal Swan 4½" Candlesticks (pair) $195 HTF
#1042 Swan Crystal Crystal type III Swan - 6½" $75  
#1042 Swan Green Forest Green type III Swan - 6½" $185  
#1043 Swan Crystal Crystal type III Swan - 8½" $95  
#1044 Swan Pink Pink type I Swan - 10" $350 SCARCE
Cambridge DECAGON
Decagon Pink Cambridge DECAGON center-handled server $50  
Everglades Pink Cambridge pink #48 Everglades footed bowl (10") and candlesticks $185  
Everglades Moonlight blue Cambridge #48 10 in. 3-ftd Everglade bowl $110  
Mount Vernon Crystal Cambridge MOUNT VERNON #104 5-part relish $50  
Cambridge CAPRICE Pattern - 1936 - 1958
Caprice Moonlight(blue) Cambridge CAPRICE Goblet #300 - 9oz $36 Have 2
Caprice Amber Cambridge CAPRICE #32 11in. 4-ftd Platter $68  
Caprice Yellow Cambridge CAPRICE #133 footed bon-bon $68  
Caprice Crystal Cambridge CAPRICE #300 Blown Goblet- 9oz $27 Have 6
Caprice Crystal Cambridge CAPRICE #301 Blown Goblet- 9oz $24 Have 6
Caprice Crystal Cambridge CAPRICE #301 Blown Ice Tea $26 Have 2
Caprice Crystal Cambridge CAPRICE #91 Ball-shaped Salt/Pepper $125  
Caprice Crystal Cambridge CAPRICE #90 Individual Ball-shaped Salt/Pepper $140  
Cambridge "Opaques" from the 1920's
Community Helio Cambridge Helio Tall Blown Candlesticks $225/pair  
#439 Ivory Cambridge Ivory #439 Candlesticks w/Gold trim - 6½" $110  
Community JadeCambridge Jade Covered Candy/Lid with gold sponge decoration $175 
Community PrimroseCambridge Primrose Cheese and Cracker set $110 
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